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BSR Safety Nets was one of the major traders and giving the best service across Hyderabad, We have a net installation professional, who can fix nets in any safety required areas.

We attempt to get flawlessness the plans in every one of our items and Ensure Timely delivery. Apart from our immense scope of items. We give simply the best as far as quality and no trade off is made surveys on This front. Also, we Ensure That All our items are accessible at focused costs and the achieve our clients before the due date.

Our services include Balcony Safety Net, Children Safety Net, Construction Safety Net, Duct Area Safety Net, Industrial Safety Net, Swimming Pool Safety Net, Staircase Safety Net, Monkey Safety Net, Glass Safety Net, Coconut Safety Net, Mosquito Net, Cricket Practice Net, All Sports Practice Nets, Bird Spikes, Anti Bird, Pigeon Nets for Balconies, Bird Protection Nets, Agro Shade Nets, Plant Support Netting, Garden Netting, Shade Nets, Car Parking Safety Net etc…

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Balcony Safety Nets

We are specialized in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Balcony Net. Widely used for providing protection against birds, these nets find application in industries as well as homes.

Bird Protection Nets

Anti-birds, safety nets are known for its durability, long service life and low maintenance features. We are the endeavour in making special transparent nylon nets, which is a permanent solution…

Pigeon Safety Nets

We are face several problems with pigeons / birds in our places like hospitals, factories, apartments and hotels. Our team experts are specialized in manufacturing nets & installing staffs.

Children Safety Nets Installation Charges in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Assured Warranty Nets

Children Safety Nets

We have best permanent solution to get rid of accidents in high rise buildings. Children Safety Nets for Balconies are specially produced to protect kids, toddlers, babies and old members.

Cloth Hangers for Balcony

Ceiling Clothes Hanger for Clothes Drying in Hyderabad to service our city especially for apartment balconies where they can’t go to terrace to dry their clothes.

Industrial Safety Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for best quality and assured warranty Net fixing

Industrial Safety Nets

Industrial safety nets are designed to protect people from product damage in warehouses or storage areas. Praveen Safety Nets forms a durable load containment barrier designed for stacked materials on warehouse shelves and storage racks.

Duct Area Bird Nets Installation in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Same Day Installation Charges

Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct area safety nets are designed to secure the empty gap between two blocks of buildings in the apartments. Mainly duct areas filled with birds, which dirtying premises of buildings. which has highly acknowledged experts to cover in your duct area.

Monkey Safety Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Same Day Installation Charges

Monkey Safety Nets

We offer monkey safety nets which will cover Open Spaces where monkey often keeps troubling you. The moral is without killing or hurting will fix monkey solvent as a permanent solution.

Sports Nets Installation in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Same Day Installation Charges

Cricket Practice Nets

Sports net is useful in creating safer space out of a limited area. Many cricket pitches can be created in a given area if it is separated by nets. Nets can be used on the terraces of buildings or in compounds to restrict balls from damaging property or threatening life.

Bird Spike in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Same Day Installation Charges

Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase safety nets are mainly for the kindergarten and children at home. Staircase prevents the children from falling. We can provide hundred percent care of children all day; there are lots of possibilities for the accident to happen in schools, kindergarten, and homes.

Bird Spike in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Same Day Installation Charges

Bird Spikes

Praveen Spikes offer you the technologically advanced bird menace solutions in bird proofing your residence and office with the Bird Spikes and pigeon spikes. Bird Spikes do not harm birds at all. It is highly eco-friendly and hence quite popular.

Mosquito Safety Nets Fixing Near Me in Hyderabad | Call 9573411359 for Assured Warranty Nets

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are used for protection against the harmful disease spread by the vector that transmits malaria named as Anopheles gambiae.


We wanted to have net over our balcony area and it was done neatly and quickly. Would recommend anyone if they looking for their service.

NitinExcellent Service

They did the net fitting for my balcony to protect against pigeons. The two guys that came did a very nice job and left the space clean. Happy with the promptness, professionalism and quality of service.

Deepti SharmaPrompt Service